Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data collection


All data collected through the interactive forms is protected by this privacy policy. The purpose of the data collection is for the sole requirements specified on each page containing the input forms. All information that is requested is relevant to the respective business goal and its collection does not extend to any other business objective. Information is only gathered once users have selected to submit on each of the respective forms and individuals consent is implied by them selecting to submit this information.

Data accuracy


Individuals have the opportunity to keep their information up-to-date by re-submitting their data. To this end all individuals data will be updated with the new and more current data.

Data confidentiality


All information that is collected is submitted through e-mail and is protected by strong passwords. The data is therefore protected by the administrative, technical and physical security measures that all e-mails are protected by. No third parties shall be given access to data without the individuals consent except as required by law. Any disclosures of data, other than routine, shall be noted and maintained as long as the data are maintained. No data shall be disclosed for reasons incompatible with the business objective for which they were collected.